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IJ-favicon Community/Environmental Initiatives

IJ Technologies is committed to both the environment and our community. It is our mission to operate our business with minimal environmental impact and help our customers do the same by offering green products made in the USA. Some of the initiatives include:

  • Reclaimed material is donated to local schools, university art departments and to local art communities. One of IJ Technologies favorite groups is the “Faces STL" project, organized by a local artist, who creates and provides to families paintings on canvas of children who have died from gun violence. 
  • IJ Technologies completely redesigned our coating facilities to eliminate fluid discharge and to capture process generated solids for recycling. Over all an 80% reduction in effluent into the waste water stream was achieved.
  • Updated power generation systems to reduce energy consumption and water waste, while eliminating mineral and chemical effluent.
  • Established a Corporate energy awareness campaign to monitor and reduce electric consumption.
  • Unique to IJ Technologies, we have worked with a US box manufacturer to design and create a new bulk shipping carton system to eliminate the use of plastic end caps and to minimize cardboard consumption normally needed to ship large volume orders.
  • Providing reusable coffee mugs and added recycle bins in offices and break rooms.
  • Paper reduction through e-communication and electronic order placement with our vendors and encouraging our customers to do the same.
  • Recycling and upcycling of machinery, electronics and office equipment that has outlived its intended purpose.

By deploying these kinds of eco-friendly programs we are able to quantify results, help our communities and motivate our employees to do the same at home as well as at work.


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