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Product Description:

Black Diamond Eclipse Matte provides a superior deep matte finish with any canvas product. Eclipse finishing coat dries clear, is self-leveling to eliminate bubbles, provides superior protection during print handling, and exhibits excellent elasticity for gallery wrapping. Additionally, Eclipse has been formulated to provide industry leading UV light protection.

After conducting tests with a spectrophotometer (with readings of the percentage of UV light transmission between 295 and 400 nanometers), it was discovered that the Eclipse Finish Coat blocks the most UV light and provides superior fade resistant characteristics when compared to other aqueous top coats on the market. Eclipse is water based and contains no VOC’s and HAP’s.


Black Diamond Eclipse can be applied by roller, spray, or liquid laminator and is ready to use from the bottle.

Product Code: BDTCM

Container Sizes:

Quart and Gallon

For larger sizes please call 800-356-6962.

Shelf Life:

It is recommended that Eclipse finish coating be stored under normal production room controlled environments and that all opened containers be tightly sealed between uses. Black Diamond Eclipse finish coat has a shelf life of 6 months after shipment from IJ Technologies when stored under these conditions.

Ink Compatibility:

Black Diamond Eclipse is compatible with all OEM aqueous pigment ink systems.

Dye inks are not recommended for use with this product.

Technical Info:

Link to MSDS Sheets
Link to Data Sheet

This Product Data Sheet is intended to be used as a guideline only.  Before using our print media, please verify that it is suitable for use with your printer.  IJ Technologies will not assume liability for non-performance of the print media resulting from changes beyond our control in printing inks and/or printers. Specifications are subject to change without notice. The product will be replaced if defective.  No other liability will be accepted and all other warranties and conditions statutory, expressed or implied are excluded.

Group Low Res matte


Quart for Roller Application


Group Low Res matte


Gallon for Roller Application


Group Low Res matte


Quart for Spray Application


Group Low Res matte


Gallon for Spray Application


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