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Product Description:

DuraGraphix™ water resistant inkjet coating on Polyart® synthetic base is durable and has excellent lay flat characteristics. It is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and does not crack when folded. This media works well on both desktop and wide format printers.

Suggested Uses:

P.O.P., Maps, Architectural Drawings and Plans, Posters, and Trade Show Graphics

Product Code: DGPASS

Roll Dimensions:

Width (inches) Length (linear feet)
 *24  10
 24  75
 36  75
 42  75
 44  75
 50  75
 54  75

* one 24×10 sample roll per customer location

Physical Properties:

Total Weight - 122 g/m²
Thickness - 6.5 mil
Opacity - 81%
Gloss @ 60° - 3.0
White Point - 116
Base - 4.5 mil polyethylene
Tensile Strength (lb/in) - MD 31; CD 27
Burst Strength (psi) - 74
Lbs/ream@ 25” x 38” - 95
Lamination - Pressure Sensitive, Spray, Thermal, Liquid. For best results, please ensure that the print is encapsulated or the edge is sealed to prevent moisture wicking into the print.
Finish - Matte
Water Resistant - Yes

Ink Compatibility:

Aqueous Pigment (recommended for image permanence), UltraChrome, Dye-based, Eco-Solvent

Technical Info:

Product Data Sheet (PDF format)

This Product Data Sheet is intended to be used as a guideline only. Before using our print media, please verify that it is suitable for use with your printer. IJ Technologies will not assume liability for non-performance of the print media resulting from changes beyond our control in printing inks and/or printers. Specifications are subject to change without notice. The product will be replaced if defective. No other liability will be accepted and all other warranties and conditions statutory, expressed or implied are excluded.


24" x 10'



24" x 75'



36" x 75'



42" x 75'



44" x 75'



50" x 75'


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