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IJ-favicon Manufacturing Capabilities

IJ Technologies’ parent company, National Graphics, was established in 1974 as a coater of  photographic paper.  The company was an early entrant in inkjet formulations and coatings, having supplied the industry when the only ink color available for inkjet printers was black. As the industry grew and the inkjet printers and color management software became more sophisticated, IJ Technologies was formed as a subsidiary of National Graphics.  The sole purpose of IJ Technologies is to formulate, manufacture, and distribute inkjet media. Today IJ Technologies manufactures and distributes its inkjet media through a worldwide network of distributors as well as private label wholesalers. IJ Technologies offers its distributors inkjet media in a variety of formats including rolls and sheets, individually packaged or in bulk.  We also offer our customers the opportunity to label the IJ product with their brand name, or to create their own custom products.  We can coat many different materials and make them inkjet receptive. Because IJ Technologies has years of industry experience and the technical know-how, we continue to provide new and innovative approaches to inkjet media.  IJ Technologies provides the innovation, quality, and superior results that discerning customers demand.  Talk to us and see how IJ Technologies can help you.

IJ-favicon General Specifications

Coating Width Maximum: 75” (1397 mm)

Coating Width Minimum: 24” (610 mm)

Minimum Custom Coating Length: 8000 lin. ft. (2500 M)

Minimum Units per order for custom packaging: 100

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