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Product Description:

PEWR64aPremium Edition Water Resistant Canvas is a more textured inkjet canvas which provides professionals with a “true canvas look.” The DuraGraphix™ coating demonstrates a high white point and a wide color gamut. The opaque matte finish is water resistant which allows the use of aqueous based top coats. This canvas is highly stretchable and resists cracking when used in conjunction with IJ's water based Black Diamond Eclipse Finishing Solution. In addition, the solution allows a marked improvement in color saturation, apparent contrast, and durability. Black Diamond Eclipse is available in Satin, Gloss, or Matte finishes.

Suggested Uses: 

Photographs, portraits, fine art reproduction, and any application where an authentic canvas look is desired.

Product Code: PECWR

Roll Dimensions:

Width (inches) Length (linear feet)
*24  10
13  40
17  40
24  40
36  40
42  40
44  40
50  40
60  40
64  40


* Limit one 24" x 10' sample roll per customer location

On 2" Padded Core

Physical Properties:

Total Weight - 415 g/m²
Thickness -  21.5 mil
Opacity - 90%
Gloss - 2.6
White Point - 120
Base - Cotton/Poly Canvas
Lamination - Black Diamond Eclipse Top Coat
Finish - Matte
Water Resistant - Yes

Ink Compatibility:

Aqueous Pigment (recommended for permanence), UltraChrome, K3, Dye-Based, Some Eco-Solvent

Technical Info:

Profiles for Canon IPF Printers
Profiles for Epson Printers

Product Data Sheet (PDF format)

This Product Data Sheet is intended to be used as a guideline only. Before using our print media, please verify that it is suitable for use with your printer. IJ Technologies will not assume liability for non-performance of the print media resulting from changes beyond our control in printing inks and/or printers. Specifications are subject to change without notice. The product will be replaced if defective. No other liability will be accepted and all other warranties and conditions statutory, expressed or implied are excluded.



24" x 10'




17" x 40'




24" x 40'




36" x 40'




44" x 40'




50" x 40'




60" x 40'




64" x 40'



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